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  1. J

    Cheap mk3 clio coilovers???

    I have a mk3 1.5dci 2010 and Want to know of any cheap coilovers. I put 3sdms on my clio with 5mm spacers to make them fit but this means the tyres stick out and there is about a 90mm gap from tyre to outside arch. I found coilovers on eBay called ta tuningart which said (fits mk3 clio box)...
  2. R

    MOT time

    Hope everyone is having a good day! My MOT is due in a month and will be sending it in early, I have a dci80 and I dont see any massive problems with the car I know there is the two advisories from last year which was lower ball joint on driver side and an perishing exhaust mount. My issues...
  3. T

    Clio mk3 dci gt mods

    Hey, new to using this but had a look before posting so I apologise if you've seen it all before. I have a clio 1.5 dci 106 gt which I've started modifying. I'm now stuck in regards to body kit / bumper alterations as my current didn't survive a fight with a badger :disrelieved: I'm really...
  4. S

    Pod filter Clio mk3 1.5dci ?

    Just recently got a Clio mk3 1.5dci dynamique s 86bhp wandering if it's possibl to install a pod filter. Cheers