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  1. C

    New Sony stereo fitment

    Hi, I got a Clio 182 which has an aftermarket stereo, and the steering wheel buttons don't work, is there any way to get them working again? Or do they only work with the original stereo Cheers
  2. Edd739

    Project Boosted Daily

    Prior to this Clio I had a mint, but fairly standard titanium 182. Unfortunately that got rear ended and written off, so a little under 5 years ago I bought my current BG 182. It was a complete shed when I bought it with 8 previous owners who had clearly not looked after it. I spent the first...
  3. Barnett182

    Advice on a damaged 182

    As some of you saw on the weekend at Trax, my clio was rear ended by a Marc A45 AMG and is likely a right-off as the shell is slightly twisted. My question is, is it worth buying another clio and just swapping parts from my car to the undamaged one? Reason for this is my car is turbo'd with a...