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Project Boosted Daily

  Clio 182
Prior to this Clio I had a mint, but fairly standard titanium 182. Unfortunately that got rear ended and written off, so a little under 5 years ago I bought my current BG 182. It was a complete shed when I bought it with 8 previous owners who had clearly not looked after it.

I spent the first few months of ownership getting it sorted out and making it drive properly again... then the next 4 years slowly replacing pretty much everything that could wear out. Around the 4 year mark I started thinking about new cars but couldn't really come up with anything that I really wanted to buy, so I decided to turbo the Clio instead. I didn't bother with a kit as I'm a reasonable fabricator and pretty handy with the TIG, and I wanted some slightly nicer bits. It ended up costing a little bit more, but I've got something that works really well on low boost and will be perfect for when I want to go forged and turn up the boost a bit. She's not the cleanest car on the outside, but she's a bit of a weapon and a hell of a lot of fun to drive.

Current spec is:
182 FF
241bhp / 224ftlbs - Mapped by Engine Dynamics
Garrett GT2560R running around 0.5bar
Megane 225 injectors
AEM FIC 8 (with MAC boost solenoid for boost control)
Mishimoto intercooler
Cast log manifold (Engine Dynamics)
Homemade stainless steel 2 piece downpipe (2.5 > 2.25 inch)
200 cell Magnaflow sports cat
Really old 57mm Janspeed exhaust
All exhaust joints replaced with v-bands, with a proper flexi in the downpipe
Homemade boost/intake pipes (aluminium, mostly 2.5 inch with a small bit of 2.25)
3" Ramair filter
Lots of heat shielding
5 puck paddle clutch (surprisingly good in a daily)
No BOV so it sounds like a rally car
AEM Wideband
TIM boost gauge
TIM oil pressure gauge
Eibach sportlines on cup shocks
Powerflex dogbone
Powerflex top engine mount insert
16" Rota Slipstreams
Michelin PS3s
Speedline carbon front splitter

Future plans are:
Trophy shocks
Recaro Trendlines
197 Brembos
Make a new exhaust to replace the tired old Janspeed thing
and then maybe forge it and go for 300hp. I'm aiming for a really good road car (which it already is tbh), not a track toy.

Here's a few photos....
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  2003 Clio 172
Wow. The feeling of satisfaction driving that after doing all that work must be immense. Lovely car ?
  Clio 182
Wow. The feeling of satisfaction driving that after doing all that work must be immense. Lovely car ?
Yea, it makes me smile every time I drive it. Doing the conversion was a bit frustrating at times, especially as I did it all on the driveway in freezing conditions, but driving it home after getting it mapped was a glorious feeling