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182 bg

  1. AndyPembs182

    Renovating 182 upper and lower front grills

    The upper and lower front grills on my 182 have faded to a grey/blue colour and I’d like to renovate them. Ideally, whatever I do I’d like a permanent solution. If you’ve tried spray painting I’d be interested to hear your advice! Preparation, products etc. All help gratefully received!
  2. D

    Black insert Xenons

    Quick question guys. Are black insert xenons actually proper Black on the inside? Bought these as "Black insert" but to me just look like a good grey. They have a slight shimmer to them. My current grey insert are pretty grey.
  3. AndyPembs182

    Sub-£100 dual action polishers

    I’ve been looking at dual action polishers and have watched a load of YouTube vids and read a lots of reviews. The DAS-6 PRO seems to be the one which is highly recommended, but do I really want to spend £115 on the machine and then another £30 or so on pads, backing plates....? There seem to...