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  1. Joe Wootten

    Clio 182 Cup - Daily project!

    New to ClioSport, Picked up my 182 Cup about 2 months ago now starting to get ideas about where I want to go with it modification wise and also driving roads, trips and tracks:) All my modifications will be posted on here as well as trips and anything else I do on the car. Anyone wants to...
  2. R

    2 Titanium Silver 182 FFs ; Warwick and University of Warwick (Coventry)

    It seems today I spotted a couple of 182 FFs. The first one was a car with the Reg Y*05UHH. It had an aftermarket stainless exhaust was possibly lowered, he was attempting to have a play but there was no way I was going to rev the car up with the temp gauge still on the bottom! It had a Clio...
  3. Anze

    clio 182 RB

    Hello! Iam new to this forum. And i would need some help. Just sold my clio 1.2 and looking for clio 182 in racing blue colore so i spotted some of them on pistonheads,... but i dont know much about cars and dont want to buy a car i would allways have problems with (got tired whille having...