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2 Titanium Silver 182 FFs ; Warwick and University of Warwick (Coventry)

  Clio 172, Escort RST
It seems today I spotted a couple of 182 FFs.

The first one was a car with the Reg Y*05UHH. It had an aftermarket stainless exhaust was possibly lowered, he was attempting to have a play but there was no way I was going to rev the car up with the temp gauge still on the bottom! It had a Clio Sport sticker in as well.

The second one was at Warwick Uni. This one had the reg B*05TDV.

Any one on here?

Yes my wheels look horrific!
  Clio 172, Escort RST
No, my student days ended a long time ago! I do however go climbing at the sports centre somewhere around twice a week.

Thanks for the comms, it's amazing what a polish and wax can do! It should look better with the Anthracite Turbines. As much as I love the Turinis it is nice to park again and not mind about kerbs should the moment come (I don't go hunting kerbs for those wondering...).

Yours looked fine, what's up with it?
Yeah? I go bouldering there normally once a week, but bailed last night.

Where do you get your wheels painted? Or is that another set you have?

Mine's filthy, it's been a while since I've given it a wash. Hoping to fix that this weekend!
  Clio 172, Escort RST
I do pop into the boulder room now and again. If you go lead roping let me know :).

The wheels on the car were painted by Pristine wheels almost 5 years ago. Last Friday I had them redone by City Powdercoating in Anthracite but I will update the thread soon:

Yes, I also have a set of Turini wheels as well. I took 'em off to make the car a little more parking friendly (most Clios I see have kerbed wheels!) and to take advantage of a cheaper tyre size, and slightly improved ride quality.