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abs light

  1. T

    Clio MK3 ABS Light - DF026 & DF063

    Hi again all, Im just trying to get the misses Clio Mk3 ready for its MOT and have noticed when at 70mph the ABS light will come on and stay on until the ignition is reset, driving around town etc doesnt seem to trigger it. I have done a fault read and found two faults: DF026 - O/S/F Wheel...
  2. C

    Possible electrical issues on my Clio mk2

    Hi, just started having some problems with my mk2 1.6 clio. About 2 days ago I had my cambelt, aux belt and water pump changed, not sure if its related in any sort but just throwing it out there. On my way to home, I noticed an ABS light on my dash. The brakes felt fine, I stopped, turned the...
  3. Blagmeister

    Clio 182 ABS and airbag lights permanently on - Renault wants a small fortune

    Hi all First-time poster. I've had a Clio 182 for years now. Fault lights on a Renault happen but my regular mechanic has always sorted them - until now. Now the airbag and traction control lights are on permanently. I've tested it and the ABS definitely isn't working - locked up - don't...
  4. AndyPembs182

    OBD scanner tool/app and ABS sensors - 182

    I need to monitor my ABS sensors - warning lights coming on/off like it’s Christmas! So I’m looking for a scanner tool or app (iPhone) which will let me read what’s going on with the ABS sensors. Any recommendations? Preferably nothing too ridiculously expensive. But it need to work well.
  5. AndyPembs182

    ABS, service and traction control lights

    Since changing my wishbones and track rod ends last weekend some warning lights are coming on and off intermittently: ABS, service and traction control. I suspect an ABS sensor might have been knocked during the work? Maybe some rust got into a sensor? Can anyone offer some advice as to how to...
  6. N

    abs and service lights

    i have just bought a 2006 clio campus sport. gave it a good run over the weekend and now the abs and serv lights are on. they dont come on straight away but alwayd come on now afeter a few minutes and stay on. any advice please?
  7. Archtects

    Abs and service light. Looks like the traction control light too?

    Changed my wheels for 15" yesterday and the rear springs for ebech. For life of me I Cant move the front springs don't really have the right tools. So I'm having a mate help me next week. All 4 wheels are now 15", I poped up to helfrauds to see if I could get a 21mm swan neck but nope. On way...