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air con

  1. S

    1.2 air con belt tensioner replacement. Help needed

    Can only find stuff about the sport models. Standard d4f 720 1.2 with air con. Just a question. Do you just unbolt and rebolt the tensioner/idler pulley, or do you have to make sure the bolt/axle doesnt fall out the back of the bracket? Can't find a vid of anyone doing it, manual says...
  2. S

    Air con idler/tension pulley

    D4f 720 Need a replacement guide or just this question answered. Do you just take the nut off the front and slide it off, or do I have to secure the bolt/ 'axle' that it spins on so it doesnt drop out of the bracket? Read the manual and to tension the belt you just loosen the nut on the...
  3. AndyPembs182

    Air conditioning pipe part number query

    The pipe which connects the top of the condenser to the compressor in my 182 has split and needs replacing. Does anyone happen to know the part number for this? (Currently failing to find it on any of the parts websites...)
  4. N

    AC Condenser help

    Hi there, wondering if someone out there could help clear up a confusing situation for me. I have a Clio 3 2011 Sports Tourer 1.5 dCi, It looks like a stone or something has pierced my AC condenser and the AC is no longer working. I need to replace the condenser but I am being told by various...
  5. D

    Clio 172 Phase 2 - A/C problem

    Hi guys. Need your opinions regarding my issue. So I had my car fixed in a shop for a power steering sensor replacement. Before i brought it to the shop, my AC is working fine. After they fixed the sensor, my AC doesn't work anymore. When you press the Auto button, normally the AC will turn on...
  6. M-H 182

    Rs tuner fault code

    I've got a fault code on the RS tuner - 'DF0007 - internal Temperature sensor - open circuit' Is this the coolant temp sensor? It's being flagged up by the 'HVAC' (Climate control) ecu, not the 'ECM - engine control module'.
  7. dane0

    heater matrix replacement help

    ive searched about loads of problems with the heater matrix. where abouts is it located? i started another thread about about my windscreen steaming up on hot fans and its possible mine might be leaking. i have read its a pig of a job to do but just wanting to know its location. im going to...
  8. dane0

    fan blowers problem with air con

    Hi a little hard to explain but ive never heard of this before so ill give it a try. its a clio 182 mk2 ph2 with air con and the electric climate control. Today i had my fans on around 20-22 degrees and i smelt a burning smell, suddenly so i stopped the fans just in case. there was an old black...
  9. dane0

    Air con

    Hi, I had my air con gassed and found a leak and it was empty in 2 days. I'm after a new air con seal and can't seem to find them separately and Renault want £18 for a kit. Is this the only option? I haven't opened the pipe yet to see what type of seal there is but I've seen some people buy...
  10. Jme34

    Rubbing Aux belt advice

    hi all, Bought myself a 182 (full fat) just over a month ago. Though I have now noticed the aux belt is rubbing on the tensioner to the point that some thread in the belt is visible. I have booked it in to get changed in about 2 weeks time, but the garage is over a 2hr drive away as it is a...