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fan blowers problem with air con

  Clio Sport 182
Hi a little hard to explain but ive never heard of this before so ill give it a try.
its a clio 182 mk2 ph2 with air con and the electric climate control.
Today i had my fans on around 20-22 degrees and i smelt a burning smell, suddenly so i stopped the fans just in case. there was an old black number plated bike in front of me so i assumed it was his stinky 2 stroke engine but then i noticed a little condensation on my windscreen. i put this down to being the crap rainy weather we have had all day but after about 20 mins i put my fans on again (i believe with A/C if it makes any difference) on around the same temperature again.
But yet again after about 5 mins a sudden burning smell happened which was much more potent and my windscreen misted up from the bottom up rapidly to the point it was so thick i could not see through it so i quickly turned it off again. After a few hours on my way home about 25 mins in the same happened again and the condensation was just as bad and a strong burning smell. I am 99% sure the condensation is coming from the fans as the way it builds up is like when your demisting it but in reverse. it comes in patches as if where the fans directly hit the screen and spread. It only takes about 5 seconds after the burning smell to cover over half of my windscreen!
Could this be water in my pipes somewhere and hitting the heating unit and evaporating at all or is this something else completely? i have looked on the forum and cant see anything from my (likely poor) searching skills?
i leave for work at 3am and in this weather i heavily reply on these if i get in when im damp from walking to the car so its imoprtant i get this fixed and more importantly not burn my car to the ground lol