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  1. Tomleech

    AG 200 Cup - value??

    I’ve been approached by someone who wants to buy my car. It’s a 2009 Alien Green Cup with 77k and FSH. It’s immaculate… got Recaros, loads of work done recently and some nice upgrades are fitted… Akrapovič exhaust, Bilstein suspension, Ktec induction and remap, Michelin Cup 2’s, retrimmed...
  2. N

    Installed a downpipe with 200Cell Catalyst on Clio 4 Trophy

    Hey all! Lurker here, decided to post a video of my Clio 4 Trophy with Akrapovic and a downpipe installed just today, just so that anyone wondering can hear what this car is capable of. I was pretty astonished when I heard it first, and definitely worth the money haha. Sounds alot like my...
  3. W

    Clio 3 RS - Akrapovic evo with Toyosport manifold questions

    Sorry if this has been brought up before, does anyone know what to expect in terms of bhp/torque after fitting this setup as per the title? The car also has a ktec induction if that makes any difference. I’m fully aware that theres going to be hardly any gains expected as these cars are fairly...
  4. Euan94

    Euans Albi 200

    I picked this up this morning and I'm loving it so far. After the unfortunate demise of my mx5 it was time to for a change, I've had 2 mx5s in a row and with a fault claim now on my insurance the premium for an mx5 anywhere near the spec of the one I crashed would be through the roof. Decision...