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Clio 3 RS - Akrapovic evo with Toyosport manifold questions


  Clio III RS 200
Sorry if this has been brought up before, does anyone know what to expect in terms of bhp/torque after fitting this setup as per the title? The car also has a ktec induction if that makes any difference.

I’m fully aware that theres going to be hardly any gains expected as these cars are fairly stretched from standard. Just curious if anyone out there has the same setup and has any experience with it?

I did get the car remapped a couple of years ago (ktec remap) when the it just had the toyosport manifold with ktec element filter, took the bhp from 197.5 to 202 (yes a whole +4.5bhp XD). So I’m definitely not expecting alot if anything.

Also one other important question, is the car going to be stupidly loud with both Akrapovic and toyosport manifold as well? As in, black flagged loud? The last thing I’d want to do fit the exhaust and have this issue.

Besides MOT concern’s, if there’s anything else I should be weary of, please let me know so I’m best prepared before I go ahead and fit the exhaust.