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  1. wiv678

    Clio 182: How much 'value' does having very recent belt/dephaser change add?

    Hi All, To my title, I know the real 'value' in having the belts changed as per the service schedule is that they don't let go and ruin the engine, but how much monetary value does having the belts done add to the average Clio 182? My scenario is as follows: Scenario 1: Car is 04/05...
  2. B

    Getting belts done in Gloucestershire - Recommendations?

    It's that time. 04 plate 182. Looking for good place to get both belts and dephaser / water pump all done. I'm just north of Cheltenham and obviously keen to go somewhere that does it right. All help appreciated
  3. oFreestyler

    Someone please help.

    Hello all. I'm Tyler from Farnborough. I have had my cars cambelt done and I know the garage is very good with modifying all sorts of cars but I'm not sure if he had the correct tools for the timing on my 182. Is anyone able to check my timing for me this Sunday? I know it's a Sunday which is...