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Someone please help.

  Ford Focus ST 2007
Hello all.

I'm Tyler from Farnborough.
I have had my cars cambelt done and I know the garage is very good with modifying all sorts of cars but I'm not sure if he had the correct tools for the timing on my 182.

Is anyone able to check my timing for me this Sunday? I know it's a Sunday which is a pain but I would be very grateful. I will be in Woking/Farnborough between 0900-1900 and in Dorset around 9pm.
Anyone around to help a fellow Clio owner?

  BG182 + M3
Sorry I cant help with the timing issue bout out of interest who did you use?

I'm in Fleet and urgently need to find somewhere to fit my AUX belt kit at a reasonable price as the garage I normally use are too busy.
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
You'll need to pop out the cams end caps to check, which will need replacing straight after of you'll be going nowhere...

Without them, no one can help you...