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  1. TheBandit

    The Bandit | Monaco 172

    After lurking for 7 years I have found myself in a position to do something stupid with my money. I could invest in a OEM spec Clio, keep it tasteful and sit on it as an 'investment'. Or buy something outrageous and hopefully have a lot of fun... The spec sheet is on the forum from some old...
  2. Fred the Clio

    Blue 182 with white stripes

    Spotted you driving down upper Selsdon road in Croydon at around 3ish today!
  3. JamieG95

    JamieG95's RB182

    Picked this up yesterday evening, gave it a clean and took it out for a few photos tonight, more to follow! 182FF with 50k on the clock, extremely pleased with it! My RB182 Clio! by JamieGraham95, on Flickr
  4. Anze

    clio 182 RB

    Hello! Iam new to this forum. And i would need some help. Just sold my clio 1.2 and looking for clio 182 in racing blue colore so i spotted some of them on pistonheads,... but i dont know much about cars and dont want to buy a car i would allways have problems with (got tired whille having...