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  1. L

    Installed new clutch, burnt out already?

    I have just used this method to install a new clutch in my Clio 2004 1.2 16v: I used double sided sticky pads to hold the plate in place. Now, I used the starter motor to release the plates. The car worked ok in reverse, (when I managed to get it into reverse). I tried 1st gear and I had to...
  2. Rystar

    Burning oil smell about 5000rpm?

    Hi All, My car has a burning oil smell above 5000rpm, I've noticed this in 3rd or 4th gear. Mates following me reckon there's no blue smoke from the exhaust behind me, although they can smell it also? I know the VVT system kicks in around these revs. Dephaser and both belts and all...
  3. dane0

    fan blowers problem with air con

    Hi a little hard to explain but ive never heard of this before so ill give it a try. its a clio 182 mk2 ph2 with air con and the electric climate control. Today i had my fans on around 20-22 degrees and i smelt a burning smell, suddenly so i stopped the fans just in case. there was an old black...