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  1. Racky

    Cheap Megane 225 -800 Pounds

    Found this on FB page - "Renault Cars and Parts for Sale" . Maybe it's good for a project :) Megane 225, 97k £800 Peterhead 54 plate megane 225 sport, 97k, car has no mot, requires one abs sensor, and a front bumper (it's there but damaged) has an issue with the clutch, new one fitted but...
  2. M

    197s are getting silly cheap?

    Just having a little browse through PH/AT/eBay at 182s to get a feel for current prices and it seems that 197s are approaching silly cheap money? Saw quite a few cars around the £3/3.5k mark, with 60-70k miles, some with gearbox swaps and a couple of years left on the belts. Seems like these...
  3. M

    In the market for a PS4

    Was overhearing a conversation earlier. Apparently. With impending release of PS4 slim, over the coming weekend Sony have instructed retailers to flog off the older 500gb and 1gb consoles. Smyths toys and a few other retailers are definitely involved, but means you can pick up a PS4 500gb and...
  4. F

    fairm010's 1.2 Project

    @Typhoon told me I should be doing a project thread for my 1.2 Dynamique, I had thought there would be no interest for it but he thinks otherwise, so here goes! The car is a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 56,000 miles when I bought it. Back when I was 17 the car was bought for my brother who was 17...