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fairm010's 1.2 Project

@Typhoon told me I should be doing a project thread for my 1.2 Dynamique, I had thought there would be no interest for it but he thinks otherwise, so here goes!

The car is a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 56,000 miles when I bought it.

Back when I was 17 the car was bought for my brother who was 17 at the time for his first car and it sat idle on the driveway for a good couple of years with the occasional start.

A few years went by as he didn't put the effort into passing his test. By this point I had moved out. I then discovered that he had passed his test and was driving the Clio about!

Skip forward 2 months and I find out he has now bought a van as the Clio wasn't practical enough for him, so the Clio was for sale.

Here it sat for another few months as it was stuck in limp mode permanently and the car was with another brother at his garage while he figured it out. Turns out the ECU casing had chaffed into a wire. Wire cut, soldered and re-sealed, all is well!

The car was bought:

  • Lowered on Eibach Sportlines
  • On 17 alloys (check what make) with 10mm rear spacers
  • All 3 rear windows Limo tinted
  • Uprated Pioneer door speakers with separate tweeters mounted behind wing mirror trim.
  • Dodgy Ripspeed DVD head unit
  • 2 x Mutant 6x9's in parcel shelf


So, the project starts here.

First thing I did was remove the stickers from the rear of the car that the car was bought with.


At this point I took the car to my mechanic and he had a look over it.

  • There was a small oil leak that he found was sue to a missing bolt near the inlet manifold. replaced bolt and all was well.
  • Changed the rear exhaust hanger
  • The car then wouldn't start, he plugged in his OBD and discovered it was the Crank Position Sensor. All was replaced and is well.
Then it was time to sort out lighting, so I ordered a load of LED's to replace various bulbs.

  • Side Lights
  • Interior Lights (Same bulbs as side lights)
  • Rear number plate light

Also replaced the rubbish bulbs for some Osram Nightbreakers

I then replaced the aging wipers with some nice Bosch Aeroblades, look much better.
At the same time I got a steal of a Head-Unit from Halfords, Sony something or other DAB & iPhone plug for £60.

Replaced washer jets for Citroen mist jets. Best mod for the price 100%.

Took the car back to the mechanic and had a few bits done

  • Offside front CV gaiter was shot, so had that replaced.
  • Nearside front ARB bush was snapped, had that replaced.
  • Popped to the local key place and got the key fob fixed, the push to make switch on the PCB was missing. Central locking now works!
  • Had the exhaust back box replaced courtesy of @Typhoon. The previous owner before my brother thought it ok to weld the back box to the centre pipe, so had the centre pipe replaced too.

Ordered and fitted some HEKO wind deflectors. Changed the look of the car instantly, which I loved.
Then it was French Car Show. @optical approached me at the ClioSport stand and asked if I'd like a Cup Spoiler. I'd been looking to get one for a while but the price was putting me off but holding it my hands made the buyers impulse kick in. I fitted it there and then and I am very happy with it.

  Corolla T-Sport
Good start mate, cup spoiler is a great addition. What plans do you have for the future?
Also see you have the catwalk photo, are the parade lap ones up yet?
Plans are 182 alloys then move onto the bigger stuff. Perhaps 182 front bumper and skirts. Also a sport interior.

The catwalk photo was taken by @Typhoon. I'm keeping an eye on the FCS Facebook page for the parade photos. Should be up tonight or tomorrow as they've started putting up the Lassa stage ones. They have thousands to upload.


ClioSport Moderator
Looking really good. Saw the FCS catwalk photos are up now. Ive got some anthracite 182 wheels with tyres if you are interested that are just taking up space in my garage and you can have fairly cheaply. Can dig them out and get pics later if you want.


ClioSport Moderator
Looks awesome! You didnt waste any time putting them on :smile:. Love your number plate - yes for wicked . Car sits perfectly on your spring set. See you at RDR camping.
So I bought some Xenons and the seller kindly delivered them to RDR as he lived not far away.

I have wanted these since I bought the Clio but never found some in a resonable price range that didn't need a major refurb.
I found these beauties and with the help of @HMS Derv Destroyer and another guy ( I can't remember his name or username! Damn drink) had them fitted in around half an hour. I was also told that 82% of the front end of my car is either broken or bodged.