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clio 172 cup

  1. I

    Quite a bit of work! (172 cup)

    I am looking to have quite a bit of work done at once my car is due a full service including Cambelt, aux belts etc, oil, coolant, etc etc. basically all the usual it’s a 172 cup The car does not have air conditioning I also need brake discs and pads all round (front and rear) being a 172 cup...
  2. C

    Help needed - Clio 172 short shifter

    Hi all, hopefully someone can help - I bought a clio 172 a couple of years ago that had been modified by the previous owner. One of the mods was a short shifter, but on a recent trackday I noticed there's a fair bit of play in the gearshift, so went about investigating the cause of the play...
  3. G

    172 Cup with headlight washer jets?

    I've got a 172 cup and afaik they don't come with headlight washer jets as standard, but on my car it has 1 (1 of them is missing). Does this mean the bumper was replaced with a standard 172 bumper or was there an option from factory for the washer jets (car is late 2003)? Cheers
  4. cliocollins

    172 Cup Restoration Progress

    Hi, I thought I'd start a thread for the 172 Cup as momentum has gathered and the parts have started to arrive. The car itself belongs to my partner, she's been interested in picking up a clean one of these for a while now. After numerous days, weeks.. months. Searching on Ebay, Facebook...
  5. G

    OMP Seat Sliders

    Hi, Recently I have bought and fitted some OMP seats / subframes and fitted them to my clio 172. The only issue is that the driver seat is far too close for me (I'm 6'3). If I bought the OMP sliders would this allow the seat to go further back, or is the position they are in just now the...
  6. 172Plum

    Revival 2003 Clio 172 Cup My 1st Renault

    Hiya Everyone Im new to this forum and Renault Clios I have decided to buy a bit if a project in a 172 Cup Mondial blue 102,000mls 4 owners It has been off the road for 2 years or so and just purchased full genuine cam belt kit with aux belt and waterpump etc.All new fluids Lots of good extras...
  7. LukeSi

    Luke's 172 Cup Track Car (And also daily because I can't afford a daily)

    Only just realised I've never done a build thread for my current 172 Cup so thought it would be rude not to. Had one back in 2014 which was actually quite a nail so ended up selling it on. Since then I've had an MR2 Turbo and a Skoda Fabia VRS which became my only car when the MR2 blew up. I...
  8. MrBlonde

    172 Cup

    Just a few photos today after a clean and drive,still cant get that perfect photo tho!.Not happy with the stance really!!. Photos taken with the iPhone and compact camera.