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clio 2 dynamique

  1. L

    Clio 2 1.6l brake upgrade?

    Hi guys! New to the forum, i'm from Costa Rica and i'm building myself a Clio 1.4 l turbo. The car is running good so now I need to Buy a better set of brakes I have a low budget and also there is not a single Clio SPORT for parts here so I need a front set of calipers that are Bolt on's that...
  2. T

    Renault Clio 2 Radio help

    Hi, ive only had my clio for a few weeks at this point and have an aftermarket radio id like to put into it, however im kind of stuck since i dont know what adapters to get, could someone help me out and link me what i need? the radio is a sony dsx-a510bd and my car is a 2005 clio 2 thanks
  3. Barretted

    Sean's Naughty 1.6

    This is going to be the progression thread for my Naughty Blue 1.6 Dynamique, my first car which I've owned for around 3 months now & loving every bit of! (First day she got home, very cold day!) Some info on the car: Bought at 41,780 Miles (45,200 now) Picked it up for £750! 1.6 Dyamique...
  4. M

    My funny daily car

    Hi all, I'm posting from Argentina, and this is my unique and daily and multi-purpose car haha :grin: It's a 2007 Clio 2 1.6 16v Dynamique colour Green Abyss with 98.000km Mods: K&N 57i IK Port & polished TB Iridium Spark plugs Decat & sport catback Double-action rally shocks Competition...