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clio 200 cup

  1. R

    200 cup or cup packs for sale?

    Hi guys has anyone got a 200 cup pack in liquid yellow, racing blue or alien green sub 50k miles they are thinking of selling? Have a budget of 7-9k cash waiting! would like something sooner rather than later as I’m selling my 200 cup. cheers!
  2. RevLimitUK

    RevLimit Clio RS200 Meg 230 conversion

    Hi Folks , here is a Clio 3 RS200 Megane 225/230 conversion we have recently done for a customer here at RevLimit Tuning. Everything was done in house fabrication , wiring , coding and rolling road mapping. The spec was :- 2005 Megane 225 engine, gearbox , driveshafts , intercooler, loom and...
  3. L

    clio 200 lumpy/slower to start

    Hi there, just a question really to see if anyone else has had the issue with their clio 200, I wouldn't say struggling to start but not as smooth as before also when started seems to rev hunt, but once slightly warm literally 30 secs after starting its ok, this only seems to have happened since...
  4. F

    Clio Sleeper Project(?)

    Hello! Let's get straight too it, I need your help. I own a 1.2 Clio Mk.3 2012 (facelift). It comes with all the fancy leather interior, glossy dashboard and tom-tom. It's a fancy piece of kit for what it is and it looks quite nice in my opinion.. But it's painfully underpowered at a measly...
  5. P

    Hi, Clio 200 Cup

    Hi guys, Just signed up to this as I've just bought a 2010 Clio 200 Cup (white). After 6 years of travelling about in a 1.2 clio, ford ka, saxo vtr. I finally have a car I've always wanted to get! So yeh, just thought I'd say hello. Ive tried to upload a pic, but as I'm new anything could of...