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  1. C

    172 cup 100,000

    The clio cup 172 is approaching 100,000 miles (1 owner). I was making a list of items that are original and so some feedback would be appreciated. My water pump is original as is the coolant bottle - I read this should be proactively changed at 100,000? Are their any other parts I should have...
  2. S

    172 Cup (HK52 ZFH)

    Hi! Collected a 172 Cup in mondial blue last week so thought I’d start a project thread. The cars been on the forum previously. It was rebuilt with high compression Wossner pistons, CatCams 438 cams, ARP bolts, poly bushes and some other goodies 20k ago. My plans are to cosmetically tidy the car...
  3. Mattjenkins12

    172 Cup Project (YF03 EEC)

    Thought i'd do a thread for my 172 Cup... Purchased on 29.12.2021 from a private seller in Keighley, 99,474 miles and completely original. Car was in a condition you would expect for being 18 years old, and French. Purchased from a guy that had it since 2018 and kept it in dry storage, did...