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  1. Barnett182

    High Compression on 1 cylinder

    Hi all, im in a bit of a pickle with this. So i recently done a cambelt change on my 182 and everything has gone smoothly apart from cylinder 4 is now misfiring... i thought it could be the coil leads at first as they weren't in great condition so i have change those out for genuine ones and...
  2. 1

    New cambelt whining!!!!!!!?

    I’ve just had my new cambelt kit fitted with new dephaser , aux belt, and water pump Last week and since having it done it’s developed a whining noise most noticeable when I lift off it’s kind of reminiscent to a supercharger. Could it have been fitted incorrectly or is it normal for a cambelt...
  3. 1

    Wanted clio 182 exhaust not to loud so cat back and resonated.

    Preferably milltek or scorpion