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  1. S

    Rs200 Low idle revs around 500rpm after cambelt change

    Hi, I have just had cambelt change, water pump and dephaser changed. The car is now dropping revs randomly when idling even after being warmed up. The idle revs drop so low to around 500rpm or less, it sounds like the engine isn't even running and like it's going to cut out. Any help much...
  2. prodriv3r84

    Clio 197 / 200 race engine build.

    Hello guys, first of all Happy New Year! I’m Re-building a Clio 197 R3 (230hp) engine spec. Anyone knows the big bearings and main bearings clearance ? Anyone have R3 / Maxi engine assembly manual? Thanks
  3. C

    Please Help find me an rs200.

    Hello I am new to cliosport and am on the look out for a Clio cup/cup packed rs200. I want something not too modified and preferably low mileage with FSH. Can anybody Point me in the right direction I don’t want to be paying over the odds. I’m excited to try out the cup chassis. Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    Clio 200 steering knock

    Hey there, Looking at a clio 200. When I test drove the car. While at low speed and especially while stationary there was a very noticeable knocking sound from the steering while going from lock-to-lock. Easily heard from outside the car too. It's just had an MOT and which it needed a...
  5. daverichmond

    Full Circle - The Clio Journey Continues!

    Evening all Placed a deposit on this 200 with Cup Pack and hopefully collecting it this weekend: The car represents somewhat of a full circle journey, having been a...
  6. stuartwallace

    Clio 200 Cup front shocks, help!

    Turns out my car needs front shocks (clio 200 cup), Euro car parts have bilsteins, anyone had any experience with bilsteins? or whats the best ones to buy?
  7. stuartwallace

    Clio 200 Front bumper

    Where can i get a clio 200 front bumper? someone has had big wheels on mine at some point and its worn the bumper away at the joins!
  8. stuartwallace

    New Clio 200 Cup owner

    Just bought this Clio 200 Cup, first french car and im loving it!
  9. R

    Clio 200, R26 Converted. Intermittent Solid Immobilser issue.

    Hi guys, apologies if this is in the incorrect place to post this. However I’ve got an extremely annoying immobiliser issue that I’m hoping that someone, somewhere may have some knowledge on. Over the last 6+ months I’ve been getting the solid red immobiliser light come on, making it impossible...
  10. Ajcman

    Clio needing new Duracell battery?

    well, tonight has been an interesting one for me. I went ut a short drive at 9.00pm this evening and at the start, I noticed the display for the RS monitor wasn't working, then an error with auto lights came on the dash, so I disabled it and rebooted the car. but no change, maybe the battery...
  11. Ajcman

    Clio 200 Jerking

    Hey guys, wondering if you could help me out here. I pulled up to a junction in 2nd gear and was nothing there so I didn't come to a stop and carried on in 2nd gear but as i came out the junction and put a bit of rev on, the car just started to jerk horribly for a few seconds rocking me back...
  12. Ajcman

    Rs 200 silverstone gp 14/50

    Does anyone know who the previous owner/s might be? Anyone from here at all?
  13. Plummer

    Mini Manchester Meet

    Thought I'd post a few pics from last weekend where a few of us had a small get together. Photos are from @danger2himself , @Stevef175 and myself. Thanks for looking!
  14. anthonymayow

    Megane Powered Clio Raider

    Roisey The RenaultSport Clio 200 Raider Visit my website, with lots of photo content of shows, and the build Click Here!! I will try keep this thread updated as much as possible, remember the following images and narrative are personal views during my ownership and experiences with this...
  15. boultonn

    Nick's UR 200

    So having been a user on here for a couple of years and owning a Mk2 Clio, I thought it was about time for an upgrade, and having just started a new job now seemed a good time. Now I spent about 6 weeks looking for the 'right car', which for me was either racing blue, ultra red, or maybe...