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Mini Manchester Meet

Thought I'd post a few pics from last weekend where a few of us had a small get together.

Photos are from @danger2himself , @Stevef175 and myself.

Thanks for looking!
Love that Alien Green. Best colour on those by a mile.

In all honesty I probably wouldn't of had one for sure if this AG one hadn't popped up, probably would of looked at 225's.

I love how the mini meets are now mk3s.

Many moons ago it’d be all or mostly mk2s

Cracking cars

They all sit very well. Are they all on springs and spacers?

Yeah I think as the crowd have got older, a lot have seem to have shifted onto MK3's, they're a bit easier to live with as dailies.

Not sure about Dave's Black 197, but the spec of others are;
Steve's White 200 is on Bilstein B14's and 25mm spacers.
Rich's RB 200 is on Cooksport springs and 20mm spacers.
My AG 200 is on H&R springs and 5mm spacers; ATS GTR alloys are ET57 and 8J