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  1. R

    Fuel pump doesn’t prime

    Hi all, another post on here, damn this car is so frustrating So today I found out the fuel pump doesn’t prime, but the cables have continuity, I’ve traced the green power cable to The main relay box, and the black negative to the earth in the boot, but there is still no clock, and the radio...
  2. H

    Clio RS Line 2020 - Clock keeps resetting

    Hi Everyone, I dont know if this has been answered so here goes. i have just recently got a Clio RS Line 2020. Love the car and everything but i have a problem with the Clock. everytime i turn off the car and back on again, the Clock keeps changing to a random time. iv read somewhere it may...
  3. C

    Mk3 Clio radio and clock not working.

    Radio has suddenly stopped working. And the clock on the dash isn’t working only light which comes in is the seatbelt light. I have checked all fuses even changed the 15amp radio fuse. Absolutely nothing, I recently changed the interior light to a brighter one so not sure if that has anything to...