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  1. G

    Help please newbie here!

    Hi all, totally new to this so hope I'm posting in correct way :/ Anyway looking for some help, recently bought a 2007 Clio Dynamique S 2.0 138bhp, it's got bad misfire issues, taken it to be plugged in and indeed it shows cylinder 2 misfire, garage suggested starting with coil pack, however...
  2. A

    Budget Builds???

    I'm new to the clio 182, I need some assistance to get the best performance for track and road use? Can I get some advise please?
  3. K

    P0204 - Misfire + Coilpack

    I've tried switching injectors 4 & 3 (4 being the far left) and the fault didn't change. I switched the coilpack for a new one with no improvement but when I went to change the ht leads I noticed a mark on the new coilpack, has it blown? I changed the leads anyway with no improvement, the...
  4. K

    Coil Pack Bolts

    Having difficulty getting a socket on the coil pack bolts, manged to get 3 off but the top left is having none of it, it's just far too cramped to get any socket on it. Has anyone had similar and got a solution? Also does anyone know what size the inlet manifold bolts are, I had one snap.