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Budget Builds???

  RenaultClioSport 182
I'm new to the clio 182, I need some assistance to get the best performance for track and road use? Can I get some advise please?
Hello, welcome to the forum.

What is your budget?

Will it be 50/50 road/track? Or 90/10?

Do you class 'best performance' as 'outright speed' or 'balanced, nuanced handling with a wide envelope to play in at the limit of grip'?
  RenaultClioSport 182
Basically I'm putting a cage in, buckets and harness, just need to know the basic things of getting about more power, also what brakes and coilovers are decent enough, I've got a straight through miltek exhaust on, and an induction kit up to now. Any help would be appreciated lads.


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
On a budget... forget about power. Get the car serviced (and do the cambelt if needed) - run a good quality oil
then focus on the rest.

Coilovers - BC Racing Ds Series

and then some good front brakes.
I'm going to assume your budget does not include a Brembo brake caliper upgrade so you need good pads (endurance race pads may seem expensive but in the long run you will save money)

with some excellently priced rears

For the rear run Brembo rear discs or Renault OE

or fork out for a more robust rear setup that will last longer
  RenaultClioSport 182
I already have brembo set up, I was woundering about which pads are best to use? I have heard blisten b14s coilover are decent? And what cams would you recommend? Thank you for your advise mate, it's much appreciated!


ClioSport Club Member
If your putting different cams in I wouldn’t say it’s a budget build?

B14’s are good but a bit soft for track use. I use Gaz Golds with 650lb fronts 500lb rears and find they excellent on track.
  RenaultClioSport 182
How much are they pal? And when I say budget I don't really want to sink more than £5k into it.


ClioSport Club Member
If a budget build then track tyres and pads so you don't get fade to ruin the experience thats assuming everything else on the car is fresh and its aligned properly.

Then go do a track day in it, you'll soon know what it needs. I ran standard engine and suspension for around 10 days before I felt the car and my skill level needed coilovers and cams to take it up a level.

They are no more fun track spec than they are in standard guise IMO.
  MR2 Mk3 / Giulietta
Dont do it. I wish I had kept mine standard-ish. Massively compromised and resented it in the end as I had to fork out for a TD to use it properly.
  182 trackcar, XC60t6
I run Koni struts and eibach lowering springs as a cheap alternative. If it’s all about $/fun the don’t worry about the coilovers. The standard engine and setup is really good that’s why people love these cars. You can thrash on them out of the box. Save your money and strip all the weight out. Bin the ABS, PAS, door seals etc anything that can come out. Plenty of ideas on here of where the kilos are. As others have said good tires and reasonable brakes and you will have plenty of fun and give other much more expensive cars a fright.

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  182 trackcar, XC60t6
Once you start down the road of stripping weight for free gains it’s hard to stop. You look at the car and think “ you’re looking a bit fat” and something else gets taken off. One day your door seals look a bit unnecessary and as it happens they are if you adjust the latch.

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ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 1.6 K4m
There's so much knowledge and so many good blokes on this site, who are open to telling you which is the best direction to go down. I have built a 172 from scratch replacing pretty much everything, and then found myself coming full circle back to a standard engine 197 cams and port matched inlet. For me that's enough having been there spent thousands and relying on engine builders. There's enough threads on here to do everything yourself. Just get to the track see how you get on and enjoy yourself.