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cold start

  1. H

    Clio 1.2 16V What’s going on

    Hello all, Bought a clio 2 days ago 2004 1.2 16V Digital Temperature meter goes max 2 stripes. Cold starts it is on 0 stripes. Took to mechanic to check Thermostat and Temperature Sensor. Sensor works. (Tested in boiling water) Thermostat was cheap so got advised to replace just to be sure...
  2. G

    172 Cup cold start issue.

    So I picked up a 172 cup to be used as a track / weekend fun car. It runs great except right after a cold start it takes a couple of minutes before it's driveable as it stutters a lot when it's cold. It does have a decatted exhaust which I think may be part of the issue, is there any way to...
  3. A

    Clio 172 mini project bought, cold start intermittent missfire issue.

    Hi all, please bare with me so i can explain exactly how the car runs! Basically i bought a 172 clio the other day, it has intermittent running issues which i knew about, i bought the car as a mini project. As far as the car goes, it has an air filter set up, the little vacuum sized breather...