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  Clio 2 1.2 16V SE
Hello all,

Bought a clio 2 days ago 2004 1.2 16V

Digital Temperature meter goes max 2 stripes. Cold starts it is on 0 stripes.

Took to mechanic to check Thermostat and Temperature Sensor.
Sensor works. (Tested in boiling water)
Thermostat was cheap so got advised to replace just to be sure.
Everything on its place I start the car and it warms up nicely after 10 minutes perfectly at 4 stripes and after warming up the van kicks in.
Pretty much how it should be.

So I drive the car out of the garage, and after 100 meters the car doesn’t rev anymore and stalls. It shows the weird “W” with “0~0”under it.
Being a non diesel it was a electric problem.
Obd scanning the car with the computer gave a fault code on: Throttle body.
Found this weird as the car always runned smoothly and quiet especially when stationary, even better with the new thermostat, I’m thinking the old one stayed open because this is the first time I find the car drop rpm after idling for a while (choke turning off)

The mechanic searched but was clueless.
After starting it I rode it slowly and made it home without problems just a little rattle from the rear of the car (mechanic claimed to be loose exhaust).

Also found this video on YouTube
Speaking about a strap between engine and chassis?can this be the problem?

Guess I have to write this too: I live in the Netherlands and at the moment it’s snowing here and the roads are full with snow and ice temperatures are between -5 and -15 celcius

Please help me I’m out of my mind owned the car for a freaking day 😭
thank you everyone and have a good day