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172 Cup cold start issue.

  Clio 172 Cup
So I picked up a 172 cup to be used as a track / weekend fun car.

It runs great except right after a cold start it takes a couple of minutes before it's driveable as it stutters a lot when it's cold. It does have a decatted exhaust which I think may be part of the issue, is there any way to sort this without an engine remap, or could it be something else causing the issue?

  monaco 172
Nah I think it's just the map the car runs when cold makes it run really rough for the first few minutes. Probably all to do with EU emissions laws or something.

Rs tuner remap settles it down a little.


ClioSport Club Member
  Inferno 182 Cup
They run just as bad with a cat.

As said, RS Tuner 98RON map sorts it, or s proper remap at EFI if you're near them.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup
I've noticed this cold start condition is most noticeable when the outdoor/ambient temperature is roughly between 7-15C, but outside that range it feels less severe.

Good ol RS Clio quirks!