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cruise control

  1. T

    Clio 172 Ph2 Cruise Control

    Looking for some help following retrofitting cruise control to an early phase 2 Clio 172 FF (02 plate) that's with a gearbox speed sensor. The retrofit all seems to work fine apart from neither the speed limiter or cruise control are smooth when enabled, seems to be jerking and lurching. The...
  2. Andy_in_Ireland

    onboard computer - Clio Mk4

    Hello all - just purchased a 2016 Mk4 Clio this week (its an Irish reg vehicle) and got a couple of questions please about the dashboard/onboard computer. Ok so as I say its an Irish model - I have been trying to see if I could change the mileage from Km/h to Mp/h and been trying the tricks...
  3. C

    Installing Cruise Control on a 172

    Hi all, I never really thought it was easily done until I took my control panel off and realised I had 2 unused plugs behind it. How hard and what work is involved to install cruise on my car and what do I need? So far I'm aware I need a steering wheel with cruise control buttons, the...
  4. edwarj123

    Removing Cruise Control?

    Hi, Want to change my steering wheel and wondering whether there's any benefit to deleting cruise control, or if it can be done. Is there much to be gained (weight loss etc) and what is involved in removing it? If not much should I just try and source a custom back plate with the buttons on? Thanks
  5. TheDoctorNL

    Can't get cruise to work

    Hey all I've been trying to retro-fit cruise-control for a few weeks now, I have the wiring behind the dash, installed the squib, got the buttons on my steering wheel fitted and wired the clutch-switch-wires together. Still, can't get the cruise working, no lights on my dash. I've searched on...
  6. S

    182, Orange/Green Light on Dash but S/W Controls Not Working

    Hi everyone. As above, have a cruise & limiter issue where I get the applicable light on the dash but the controls on the steering wheel just do not work. They didn't stop working out of nowhere, they had been intermittent for a while. Anyone have any idea what will have caused this and how can...