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  Renault Clio 4, 2016
Hello all - just purchased a 2016 Mk4 Clio this week (its an Irish reg vehicle) and got a couple of questions please about the dashboard/onboard computer.

Ok so as I say its an Irish model - I have been trying to see if I could change the mileage from Km/h to Mp/h and been trying the tricks mentioned on the net for the renault capture with the same dashboard and the Dacia with the same dashboard and you can change them backwards and forwards from Mph to Kmh and vice versa by pressing the up or down buttin on the end of the wiper stalk while long pressing the 'start/stop' button - but it has no effect on our clio - doesnt change anything. Its no biggie I just wanted to see if it could do it and read out mpg for the car which I am used to rather than litres .

Next is , that our car has a cruise control switch and a limiter (on the same switch (next to the gear stick on the console) - ok, so for the speed limiter I select the kmh for the speed limiter by pressing the buttons on the left had side of the steering wheel and then over on the right of the steering wheel there is the 'R' button and the 'O' button - so I press the 'O' button on the steering wheel and message comes up on the dash (just above the km/h speedo digit) saying 'MEMORISED' and then the car limits to the speed I have set it to.... but - when I turn off the limiter switch and turn it back on its like its lost its setting for the limiter and has dashes ( ---- ) in the display and I have to reset the speed limiter figure again , why is it not remembering it if it says 'memorized' ?

With that same switch if I set Cruise Control all I get in the display is dashes ( ---- ) any amount of pressing the left hand steering wheel buttons have no effect. .

anyone know what I am doing wrong please?

another thing - this is an irish reg car as I say . Now I have gone to this website :

and for some reason when I scroll through I cannot get the 'time and temp' in the info window (above the km/h speedo digit) nor the 'speed limiter' nor the 'cruise control' information at all in that infor window when scrolling through using the onboard buttons on the end of the wiper stalk - that info just does not show up at all! - I see at the top of the e-manual it says 'some things are country dependant' but what would be the logic in putting time and date info on one model in one country and the speed limiter info in one country but not another ? - I dont get that. and as I say why is it not memorising the speed limiter setting ... even though it says 'memorised' - most strange.

if anyone can throw any light on this it would be great , thanks.

its a 1.2 16v 2016 media nav diamanique model by the way.

These info are not showing up when scrolling through ....

onboard computer.jpg