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cup racer

  1. Zsolteen

    X85 cup alarm

    Üdv mindenkinek. A minap a kijelzőm a VERLOG-ACTIVE feliratot mondta minden előzetes nélkül Mit jelentene ez? magneti srt ecu EVO 2010.1 BIS
  2. LukeSi

    Luke's 172 Cup Track Car (And also daily because I can't afford a daily)

    Only just realised I've never done a build thread for my current 172 Cup so thought it would be rude not to. Had one back in 2014 which was actually quite a nail so ended up selling it on. Since then I've had an MR2 Turbo and a Skoda Fabia VRS which became my only car when the MR2 blew up. I...
  3. Knuckles

    Clio 220t cup racer replica for sale

    Happened across this on eBay last night. I think I'd have this tbh! Remove some stickers and jobs a good un
  4. Ben NBR Cup

    My 182 Track Car Project

    I am new to the clio world but this is my 182 track car project. It will be a slow process but i will keep this updated as and when i change parts. I hope you like it :)