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daily driver

  1. CarlosWolfox

    Lil Smurf, Daily Driven OEM+

    Hello! im new to the forum (been here for a while tho, this is my first post) i wanted to show you all my 2004 1.4 16v Clio me and some mates out in a Renault Workshop are working on This is my first car, my mom bought it for me when i was 22, im 27 now. Im from Caracas, Venezuela. Its also my...
  2. ksixx

    Creating a OEM+ Daily BG 182

    Just starting this thread off as I've recently acquired a Clio 182 after looking for the best part of 9 months for the right one. I'll update with a full introduction of myself and the car along with my intentions but for now here are a few pictures and some idea of what I've done, going to do...