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Lil Smurf, Daily Driven OEM+

Hello! im new to the forum (been here for a while tho, this is my first post)

i wanted to show you all my 2004 1.4 16v Clio me and some mates out in a Renault Workshop are working on

This is my first car, my mom bought it for me when i was 22, im 27 now. Im from Caracas, Venezuela. Its also my daily driver

We just started to putting in some heavy modifications to it and its looking now like a proper thing!

Some of the mods we've done so far are:
- Powerflex Dogbone and Rear exhaust mount.
- Eibach Prolines with the stock dampers.
- Short Shift kit from ebay.
- Ported Heads.
- Unlocked ECU with a slight repro, 7500rpm Redline. (i know, not worth it but it does sounds good. still not definitive, is temporal)
- Scenic rear disks, mounts and calipers (i know, i also lost abs, not really something that bothers me, Where i live there are no regulations at all)
- Front Scenic Axle mounts, Disks and Calipers.
- 15 inch x 7 Inch unbranded wheels on 195/50/r15 General Max Tires.
- 2 inch custom exhaust, decat and with a Flowmaster 60 series muffler.
- K&N i57 gen 1

So far that's it, Still a lot more to be done to it. Next year we are salvaging an F4R from a Laguna and pairing it with a megasquirt to see some good power gains.

Not looking for 172/182 power numbers but nothing that a good reenforce and a turbo cant solve if i ever feel the need for speed.

Here are some pics throughout the last 2 years. From oldest on my phone to the most recent.



ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
I think some spacers would really help the stance there, the wheels look a bit lost! Welcome to the forum.


ClioSport Club Member
  Astra VXR
Yes or a bit of negative camber, or a slightly smaller tyre profile might help next time you need some :)
Yes or a bit of negative camber, or a slightly smaller tyre profile might help next time you need some :)
potholes would kill my back tho.
rn i feel it a bit harsh with the Pro Lines, Maybe some good coilovers might work.

camber maybe is sitting at -0.5° on each wheel.

i really like the spacers idea, but only on the front, and maybe also pick up a lug nut conversion and better lug nuts
Well time to revive the thread!
Some modifications have happened in the course of these months, some good and some... not so good

ill start with the bad so in case someone likes to try this, please dont...
1st, the lightened flywheel... is an obvious NO if you dont know what youre doing. i had to find the hard way, 3 entire engines later.
I came back to my old 1.4 clio flywheel into my 1.6 k4m and problem solved, no more loosened conrods.

Also coming back from a trackday (AHA surprise, im taking the smurf to trackdays now. Might need some advice later on), I hitted a dead roadkill and that fucked my front bumper quite a bit. So most of the gorgeus paint it appears in the pics from before is gone, and welcome some scratches here and there. (battle scars as i like to call them now)

Ah and f**k the K&N cone filter, is rubbish. Stay with the OEM intake and a K&N Pannel. WAAAAAAY better

Now the goods~
Well, k4m engine, 708. Quite torquie on the mid range but dies after 5700 rpm. is not a sudden lump in torque but it feels more like a screamer instead of a puller.
K&N Pannel Filter

Most of the upgrades have been progressive but everytime i add something, is GOOD! (aside from the scratches and cosmetic damages)

And soon ill keep on working on some more stuff.
The list includes a new power steering pump (the old one is noisy and annoying), Dynamat the WHOLE THING, some Spacers (10mm fronts and 5mm rears) and the piece of resistance!
The TRW Performance Turbo Kit

It includes the downpipe, the exhaust manifold for a T4 Flange, a manual with the necessary parts to buy and remote assistence by the peeps at portugal themselves
Im not a fan of swapping the Clio to an F4R, not cost effective at all on the long run. And with the turbo kit ill be planting around 170whp with a 1.6 clio...
by almost half the price of the swap.

some modifications are needed for the turbo to be viable, like the JC5 Swap with a positrack in the diff (dont ask me how they make it possible, i have no idea)


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I went to track day today, it was a fun experience as always.
problem now lacks on the clio not being correctly timed in the cams.
Now i have to take off the head and service it. Good thing that the timing belt still has enough life in it.
Lets see how much power is being lost in the top rpm range.
Any advices to squeeze a little bit more out of the stock K4M before turboing it?
Well its been a while since i updated the proyect

lots have happened, so ill resume it in a few pics
got it painted and added a Fueltech FT450 standalone. Currently wired to ignition, pump, throttle, IAT, ECT signal, inyectors and Narrowband.
Stil waiting for the Wideband O2 sensor (Fueltech nano) to arrive so i can tune it.
the problem im having is that i want the OEM ECU to control the fan relays and the AC unit
Any ideas on how to make that happen? i have my doubts and suspicions on why thats happening, but still, i want to hear from you guys
current coils are d585s from a chevy silverado (LS2 coils), in case you wonder. Married to the sparkplug via Twingo 1.2 16v spark plug wires xd


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ah fudge, also forgot
fixed the bad PAS pump, swapped the old and beaten JB3 976 for a JC5 090 something, i cant remember the name. Is from a 2.0 f4r 1998 space. (has the space readout for the speed sensor, the old one)
Also replaced the bushes for Febi ones, way better and feels more stable
fixed the rear brakes and also added the remaining ebrake cable
hmmm... what else...
nah nm really, but is a lot!