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  1. F

    Missfire cyl 2, intermitent eml , check esp, check injection, limp mode, exhaust popping at idle

    Well, thats everything my clio has, it's blowing my mind how many things went wrong for de 5 months I have owned the car, changed aircon compressor, alternator, the pulley from the camshaft... and list goes on.. These are the new problems (but surely not the last) So when the car is running...
  2. B

    Limp Mode - Electrical? help!

    Hello all, I am having some issues with a recent Clio 172 PH2 I purchased. As of late the car would go into limp mode with the electrical fault symbol, a quick restart of the car would solve this and it wouldn’t return for some time. NOW, every time I start the car it will go into limp mode...
  3. J

    EML For Emmissions - DF093

    Hey guys, I have got a Mk3 Clio 1.6 GT and it had the EML on for upstream lambda sensor for a couple of weeks, i got that changed when I had the cambelts done but now I am getting the error code DF093 which is downstream lambda sensor but this has also been changed in March. Should note too...
  4. arChi69

    Running rough, EML on, no power

    Hope someone can point me in the right directions here. Was driving around yesterday when suddenly EML light came on flashing and car lost power, limp mode as such. Idles ok when stationary, but when moving off sounds like a Subaru boxer engine with a hint of sewing machine ? Also the exhaust...
  5. HardacreA

    EML Pre-Cat won't go away

    Took my car for it's MOT couple of weeks ago which failed on emissions and the CO/Lambda was out, assumed this was the pre-cat lambda. I got that replaced with one I had (Bosch) and the print out from the garage that replaced it looked normal again (0.04 out on CO cause of aftermarket CAT). Went...
  6. S

    MOT Failure - Emissions - Please help!

    Hi all. Took my 2005 1.2 16V Clio to get tested today and it failed on the emissions: "Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (2.92) [7.3.D.3]" "Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (0.91) [7.3.D.3]" The results were...
  7. M

    Engine Emissions Light on- what to change?

    Hey everyone, So Friday afternoon the EML/Emissions warning light comes on, yellow, stays on doesn't flash. Saturday morning take it in to get the fault codes read. It's got three issues showing- I didn't get the actual codes but was told it had three intermittent faults showing on: 1) Pre...