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  1. F

    Missfire cyl 2, intermitent eml , check esp, check injection, limp mode, exhaust popping at idle

    Well, thats everything my clio has, it's blowing my mind how many things went wrong for de 5 months I have owned the car, changed aircon compressor, alternator, the pulley from the camshaft... and list goes on.. These are the new problems (but surely not the last) So when the car is running...
  2. J

    ESP/ABS Fault on 197 Cup

    Morning all, I have been battling with an intermittent fault on my 197 to do with ABS/ESP for a while now and was wondering whether anyone has experienced/found a solution. The car is pulling the DF126 fault code - "Control Panel Sensor Information Plausibility". 2 things occur when driving...
  3. edwarj123

    ESP Light, after market wheel, Angle Sensor

    Hi, Seen this posted somewhere before but can't find the answer. 04 Clio 182 I've swapped out my steering wheel for an OMP wheel and boss. Have put resistors on the airbag wires and wired up the horn and cruise control to one of the custom button plates. I now get the SERV and ESP lights coming...
  4. F

    SERV and ESP lights help!

    I know it is a common issue and I have checked alot of the past threads but I cannot seem to sort this issue. As soon as I touch the steering wheel the esp and SERV light come on, and stay on permanently until the ignition is turned off. I have done all the common fixes, brake light switch...
  5. D

    I think I've found something that's beat the forum...

    Nothing from anywhere can tell me how to calibrate the steering angle sensor! Help?!
  6. D

    Steering wheel angle sensor

    I've recently put a aftermarket wheel on but I broke the angle sensor, I purchased a new one but don't know how to calibrate it, can someone tell me how to do it? TIA
  7. D

    Steering wheel change gone bad!!

    In September 2017 I purchased my 2nd ever Clio. This time I had to go for the 182, however the steering wheel was tatty, I've bought a boss, quick release and new wheel. I've accidentally snapped a cable and believe it is the cruise control one and the dash it's bought up airbag, esp, derv and...
  8. Barnett182

    Possible cause ABS, ESP, Service light on 182

    I know this subject has been mentioned before on the forums but I am still yet to find the solution as to why i have the three lights up... I bought my 182 about 3 months ago and ever since iv been trying to resolve this issue! The guy i bought the car from said it was an ABS ring on the drive...
  9. AdamCup

    ESP without ABS

    I've removed the ABS from my 182 FF Cup so does that mean ESP won't work now ? Does ESP only work with the ABS rather than the engine management ? Cheers, Adam