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ESP Light, after market wheel, Angle Sensor


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
Seen this posted somewhere before but can't find the answer.
04 Clio 182
I've swapped out my steering wheel for an OMP wheel and boss. Have put resistors on the airbag wires and wired up the horn and cruise control to one of the custom button plates.
I now get the SERV and ESP lights coming on. I'm sure it's something to do with the angle sensor but I can't see what's causing it.
The boss was just round where it fits onto the steering column so I've stuck on 2 lugs the same as the standard boss that fit into the holes on either side of the angle sensor that I should think keep it in line with the wheel. After sticking the lugs on the lights only come on after quite a while of driving whereas before I put the lugs on it was pretty much straight away. I can do a full turn both directions and drive at speed etc with no lights and then they might come on just sat cruising on the M3.
Not sure if I should be too worried as if it stop and turn off/on the ignition they go again for a while.
If the lights are on does that mean that ESP is switched off the same as if I switched it off with the button next to the CC button? If so then it would be fine on track day too?