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  1. aucky

    aucky's Reflex Silver MKVII Golf R detail (CarPro)

    Right then. 2 Weeks after picking it up I'm ready to give the new Golf a thourough detail. No editing or arty pics here I'm afraid, just an old point and shoot camera! Here it is: First job, wheels. Generally mucky, Golf R front brakes are VERY dusty! Wheels were jetwashed...
  2. Scrooge

    CarPro Essence- Actual Unicorn Jizz?!

    This stuff is amazing, I was a bit dubious with the price being so high but I love it. In fact I've used it two saturdays on the trot. Amazing stuff, it really is, goes on well, lasts long even machining in the sun. Adds serious depth and shine, not to mention feels amazing too! Anyway a few...
  3. aucky

    Twingo detail - CarPro

    I've just finished my first detail in quite some time! @sabian92 contacted me and asked for something durable that I could apply without needing the car overnight. We talked about CQUK but I didn't want the car to leave without at least staying overnight, especially with extra long cure times in...