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    Renault Wind - Engine swap to F4Rt

    Hello there, After driving my Wind 1.2 TCe for a while now, I started to think about a possible engine swap. The engine is starting to get old, so instead of a new 1.2, why not a bigger one... Two options: 1.6 TCe or 2.0 TCe. The Wind comes stock with a 1.6 non turbo, so fitting the 1.6 TCe...
  2. M

    Installing boost gauge on F4Rt

    Hello, I seem a little bit lost as to which line to splice for turbo boost gauge. Can somebody share what they've done or any hints? Thanks!
  3. M

    Exhaust upgrade for F4Rt-762?

    Hello, I've read many resources, searched the forums but I'm still confused about possible exhaust upgrades for F4Rt-762 (Laguna mk2). I wish to replace the stock with something that lets the engine breath easier (and add power), additional noise is not needed, but fine if it's not too absurdly...
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    Oil return on F4Rt

    Hello, I am considering installing an oil catch can on my Laguna mk2 with F4Rt-764, since I don't like the oil going to the intake. I realize I can buy (or make) a catch can which I will - as the name suggests - catch the oil and will have to be periodically emptied. However, I have a dead...