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  1. Z

    Zarko's 172'd Twingo

    There she is. The car that looks like Stewie of family guy. As an Impulsive character I have a tendency to buy junk.. Little did I know that this little shoe-box is going to stay in my life for so long ! Started out with an eBay ad (as they all do) with the intention of swapping the Auto box...
  2. F

    fairm010's 1.2 Project

    @Typhoon told me I should be doing a project thread for my 1.2 Dynamique, I had thought there would be no interest for it but he thinks otherwise, so here goes! The car is a 2004 1.2 Dynamique with 56,000 miles when I bought it. Back when I was 17 the car was bought for my brother who was 17...