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fault code

  1. F

    OBD2 CODES P0711 and B0500

    So no engine lights no nothing, i bought the scanner because ABS and ESP + serv lights do come on from time to time. So went to scan the codes and i find that : The idle is also a bit lumpy, so i through a clip in there. I did see that P0711 could refer to a low gearbox oil level, and i think...
  2. H

    1.2 2002 Electric lamp limp mode.

    Got a Clio 2002 8cyl 1.2 that suddently 2 months ago got this electric lamp and whent to limp mode. After a while standing with ignition of, i could start again, and it whould always return after 5-7 minutes. Specialy if i did not push on the pedal. I have the car at my local Renault mechanic...
  3. M

    Electrical fault 1.2

    Hi all, new here. Trying to fix a 1.2 clio (03 plate). Occasionally it appears to go into limp home mode and srugggles to move. Starting is unaffected. Please see attached photo of the dash lights that iluminate when the problem occurs. A garage has run a diagnostic and it returns nothing...
  4. M-H 182

    Rs tuner fault code

    I've got a fault code on the RS tuner - 'DF0007 - internal Temperature sensor - open circuit' Is this the coolant temp sensor? It's being flagged up by the 'HVAC' (Climate control) ecu, not the 'ECM - engine control module'.
  5. cliocollins

    Fault Code Diagnostics - Results help?

    Hi all, I just wanted to see if someone can help me the results found by plugging the car into a reader yesterday. From my understanding the Injector fault code is now gone, I have replaced a faulty third injector and cleaned the remaining 3 professionally. I can't make out which parts I...