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  1. H

    Clio RS Line 2020 - Clock keeps resetting

    Hi Everyone, I dont know if this has been answered so here goes. i have just recently got a Clio RS Line 2020. Love the car and everything but i have a problem with the Clock. everytime i turn off the car and back on again, the Clock keeps changing to a random time. iv read somewhere it may...
  2. W

    Mpg drop

    Hello, iv a Renault sport Clio 200 ff and iv maintained a steady mpg of approx 28 mpg for the 6months I’ve owned the car. It was serviced when I brought it and only since had the front pads replaced and a puncture repaired but steadily over the last month or so the mpg has slowly dropped down to...
  3. J

    Mk3 Common Problems

    Hi Guys, Going to look at a Clio MK3 GT on Friday and was just wondering if anyone has any knowledge of things to look out for with them and any common faults there are? Cheers
  4. S

    Handbrake light

    Hi there was wondering if anyone could help at all. So basically my handbrake light on the dash never goes out. The pads are fine and do brake fluid is fine and sensor been changed. Garage haven't got a clue and I can't get the damn thing off! Anyone else come across this? Thanks
  5. S

    Clip round west London/Surrey?

    Happy new year everyone! Can anyone be kind enough to let me put my car on your clip reader? I need to diagnose a issue I just cannot shift. My mate at the local garage put it in his Delphi reader but it gave an unknown fault code as the generic reader cannot map all the renault codes. I'm...
  6. K

    Engine noise NOT Dephaser

    Alright, I need some help people! Searched al over and can see one thread that is anythin like this, but can't find the answer! I have a 2005 182 ff and had the dephaser and all belts, pulleys etc changed last sept, the car now has 93000 on the clock and has developed at tapping noise! When the...
  7. A

    Renault Clio 182 2004, very rich idle problems only, LIVE DATA ADVICE NEEDED

    Hi Folks, newbie here. Somebody out there must be able to answer this question. I have a very rich - poor idling Renault Clio 182. Everything else apart form this, is absolutely spot on. well - from what i can tell anyway. I am wondering if anybody out there can answer some live data...