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  1. JackT2000

    Clio 172 Flame Red Phase 2

    Hello and welcome :) My name is Jack and welcome to my thread about my Renault Clio 172 Phase 2 in Flame red. I have been a user of this website for quite some time now and I have finally decided to make myself a thread. I have had this car since September 2019 and I have been using it daily...
  2. Cub.

    Cub's Flamer - Supercharged, Cage etc

    Had it about 8 months now, bought from JMS with a replacement engine and gearbox. I have a varied car background, from humble rover metro GTAs to a 911 C4S, but I wanted a 172 to be able to get my hands dirty(ish) and the plan is to make it a fast road / occassional trackday car and mod it...