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glacier white

  1. SCJM21

    GW 197 Lux

    Hi all, Few years back I had a 172 Cup which due to reliability issues had to replace with something newer, reliable and slower to get me to work, which ended up being an Ibiza. It did its job but I got incredibly bored and had an itch that needed scratching, so impulsively decided I was going...
  2. G8RSH

    It's been awhile..

    Haven't been on the site in yonks, need to start using it more. More of a man.. Took the 200 to the moors for a good run last weekend, just awaiting to get the Coils on Feb 31st!
  3. Chris_Beer

    WP53 OKO - Glacier White - 172 Cup

    I'll start with apologising for the amount of photo's I take! However, that's what projects are all about !? The misses (cliolou) has owned Steve's tidy 172 Flamer, a DCI 100, and a Liquid Yellow 182 (still miss this car). I enjoyed driving each one of them and said one day I would get myself...