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  1. A

    Standard air filter hoses

    Hello, Could anyone please tell me what the part numbers are for the standard 172/182 filter hoses? Or perhaps these could be replaced with other Renault models hoses? Please see the photo attached. Thank you.
  2. scottishlewsham

    Power Steering Hoses Pipes - Where are all the spares!?

    Hi all. I can’t find any stores, online or otherwise that have the high pressure and return hoses for the 172/182. After 4 hours all I can find is the £175 high pressure upgrade from advocult and one secondhand return line. Am I missing something? Are these hoses the same on all Mk2 Clios? Has...
  3. Hoppovr6

    Long brake lever travel after fluid change

    Looking for a bit of advice. I had MLR braided brake hoses fitted all round after the car failed it's MOT due to corrosion on the on the front hoses. The garage advised 3 of the 4 bleed nipples had snapped but we're able to bleed via the hoses. I have only driven a few miles since the work was...