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  1. sam55

    The Clio's come a long way... My Clio E-Tech review

    I've been driving the hybrid Renault Clio E-Tech for a new review, and I must say, it doesn't half go alright. Nippy, great riding and decent to look at, it feels like a proper city baguette that can easily handle life on the motorway. Would I take it over a Fiesta mHEV? Probably not, but only...
  2. sam55

    Alfa Tonale first look - in the metal!

    Quite excited about this one, because we've only gone and beaten the motoring press to getting in front of and, most importantly, inside of an Alfa Romeo Tonale. I'm a big fan of the car - and even more so since I saw this one in the metal. What do you think? I reckon it's the looker of the...
  3. NorthloopCup

    Breaking cover......*AG content from page 45*

    Just thought I'd post a few pics of my engine build that's almost ready for my cup. Enjoy! :cool: