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ClioSport Moderator
Just thought I'd post a few pics of my engine build that's almost ready for my cup. Enjoy! :cool:



ClioSport Moderator
Amazing mark, few quid gone into that bud.

What power are you hoping for?
Thanks scott! Yeah not as much as you'd think though tbh!

I'll do a full spec list with the power output later mate. On a session atm with a bottle of jäger. Lol!

Seriously fly looking engine! what sort of power are you hoping for? Also whats the spec of it? If you are willing to share :smile:
Cheers mate! As above, I'll do a spec list tomorrow.

So that's what a R2 engine (mostly) looks like!
Best bits are invisible I reckon!
Is that the Pure manifold or also renaultsportR2?
R3 mate! You may well be right about the best bits as well! Lol! The manifold is a pms item that I bought off @Porkie and @BIGASH

Christ alive. Did you do that yourself??
Lol! Yes mate, pretty much all my own work other than the machining work on the block.


ClioSport Moderator
Looks great Mark, love the air box
Cheers sonny! Yeah the Airbox is one of my favourite bits.

I've not a clue what I'm looking at bit I guess a 197 lump?
It's a bastardisation of 197 and 172 mate. Spec list to follow shortly.

Can't wait to see what it makes Mark, should be good!
Yeah me too tom! It's only the throttle body that in theory can hold it back. Got a plan of attack for if it does!

Thats brilliant.

@Fletcher we need to build one for your car !!
thanks mate!

You know my thoughts on this already @NorthloopCup

Looks very different to the block we hand balled into the golf haha
Lol I do indeed mate! It was much lighter on the way out the golf than it was on the way in too! Flol!


ClioSport Moderator
Ok so here's a spec list of my engine.

Genuine R3 maxi forged pistons.
Genuine R3 maxi rods.
Genuine R3 maxi cams.
Fully ported and polished Clio 197 cylinder head, modified to suit a 172.
Supertech valves.
Fully ported and polished inlet manifold.
Low mileage 172 block honed and modified/adjusted to my spec + checked for alignment/straightness.
Modified oil pump.
Fully balanced rotating assembly (crank, pulleys, flywheel, clutch, pistons and rods) and micro polished crank journals.
Lightweight flywheel.
Lightweight water pump and crank pulley.
Individually gapped piston rings (4 per cylinder)
Genuine R3 air filter
Genuine R3/cup racer aluminium fuel rail and anodised an fittings.
R3 maxi Evo spec carbon airbox (copy! Original was just too expensive when it physically won't fit in a 172 bay and has to be fettled 😢)
Fully built to R3 maxi manual specs - crank deflection, bearing clearances, ring gaps etc etc.
PMS exhaust manifold.
197 coil on plug setup.
R3 maxi spark plugs.
FBW throttle body (options to run larger manual throttle if found to be a restriction)
Custom wiring loom to suit.
Gen90 ecu.

@Phase1sr @dmallett there you go! I've possibly forgotten some bits as well. There's a lot to remember tbh.


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  Megane R26
That is one impressive spec.

What was the idea for it all ? Just pick the best bits from the Renault range to fit in the Cup for max performance ?


ClioSport Moderator
That is one impressive spec.

What was the idea for it all ? Just pick the best bits from the Renault range to fit in the Cup for max performance ?
Thanks. It's quite a long list when you write it all down like that! Lol

The idea for it all mainly came from wanting to run the 197 inlet as its a better looking design imo. More aesthetically pleasing! I set about converting a 1*2 head to accept the inlet, but the work involved was stupendous!! I dropped lucky on a 197 engine in bits so I cherry picked the items I knew I could work with and left the rest.
All because I just wanted to crack 200hp without itbs. Lol!