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  1. S

    ITB K-tec Jenvey Idle Screw

    Hello everyone, I have a ktr throttle body mounted on my Clio 2RS 172 and I have a question concerning the 4 screws under the injectors (see attached pictures). When I want to mount my injectors, the injector mounting clip comes up against these screws. Ktec has confirmed that these 4 screws...
  2. B

    Injectors problem, misfiring

    Hello. Having some issue with a misfire that started suddenly after the car sitting for a few days. Injector 1 (closest to gearbox) was shot, when unplugged it made no difference, so i assumed its that and ordered a new one ( already changed the other 3 a couple months ago) After putting a new...
  3. 2

    Clio 182 Short Term Fuel Trim (B1-S2) -100% Constantly

    Evening all, hope you're well. As the title to this post explains, I'm having issues with a lumpy idle and a strong smell of fuel from the exhaust. Initially I had a Cylinder 3 misfire which I believe was down to a faulty Ignition Coil Pack and since I've replaced it there are no error codes...
  4. B

    Clio Sport Misfire

    My Clio 182 sounds like it's running on 3 cylinders. I've checked for wayward sparks under the bonnet in the dark. Any suggestions? I'm now suspecting an injector or connecter.......
  5. Dimmock197

    Easy enough?

    Hi all, ive found the fault on my 172 and its a faulty injector, now if i buy a new one is it easy enough to change myself? as when i spoke to someone they said new ones have to be programmed in? im not to fussed about paying to get it done but i would rather learn how to do it myself...
  6. S

    Misfire when warm

    Hi all, car has recently developed a misfire and stinking of rotten eggs. Changed spark plugs and all was well until the engine warmed up and went back to misfiring. I've had a read through the forums here and all point towards HT leads, coil pack or injectors. Had a spare set of leads, coil...