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ITB K-tec Jenvey Idle Screw

  Clio 3Rs + Clio 2RS
Hello everyone,

I have a ktr throttle body mounted on my Clio 2RS 172 and I have a question concerning the 4 screws under the injectors (see attached pictures).
When I want to mount my injectors, the injector mounting clip comes up against these screws.
Ktec has confirmed that these 4 screws are for fine-tuning the idle speed.
Did you have the same problems when fitting your itb ktr ?
If so, how did you solve the problem ?

Thank you ;)


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  Clio 3Rs + Clio 2RS
Had the same problem, I just bent the fuel rail mounting brackets a bit to clear the bolts and also make the injectors seat better.
Thanks for your answer.
Did you bend this piece (blue arrow on the pictcure) ?


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